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Powerful Ways to Become Extra-Ordinary

15 August, 2017

Becoming Extra Ordinary
Admit it, we all want to extraordinary, just like our role models. There are a handful people around us who achieve great success one after another. They achieve more than what the ordinary does. But how do they do it? There must be some secret sauce. There must be something that others don't know. We all want to achieve extraordinary success in our life. Maybe you want to be an extraordinary student or an extraordinary employee or an extraordinary blogger or an entrepreneur. Here is how you too can become extraordinary :"

"Following the crowd is a path to mediocrity."

1. Think Extraordinary

You become what you think. You don't need to think faster or smarter to become extra-ordinary, but you need to think differently. You must think differently to become different. You don't have to be the smartest person in the room, you just need to think differently.

Truth be told, not everybody can think big. Most people don't dare to think big because they're afraid of failure. You must have been with such people, they demoralize you when you tell them your ambitious plans. You must be bold enough to think big and extraordinary. Dare to dream big!

2. Act Extraordinary

Great ideas are just great ideas until you execute them. You've got to execute the great ideas to achieve great success. If the ordinary sleeps at 10 PM, you can't be tempted to do same. You must work until it's done! It doesn't matter if it's 2 AM and you're still working. Remember you'll reap the rewards later and the ordinary will be tempted to be like you. And it is so exciting! There is no fun in doing what everybody else is doing.

3. Work Harder

There is no alternative to hard work. No matter what, you've got to work hard. You'll achieve what you've always dreamt of. Only a few people work hard over a longer period of time, it will give you an extra edge when you work hard over a sustained period of time.

The extraordinary is willing to work harder, it doesn't matter to him if he has to work 20 hours a day. They don't care if they sleep at 12 AM or wake up at 4 AM. The only thing that matters to them the most is their dream. They're ready to work insanely hard to achieve their goals.

"Hard work neve brings fatigue, it brings satisfaction." - Narendra Modi

4. Innovate

To achieve something that nobody has ever achieved, you have to do something nobody has ever done. For that purpose you need to have innovative ideas, those ideas then must be executed precisely.

Just think about the most successful person you've ever heard about. What is common among them? They all did something that nobody had ever done. They had innovative ideas and were courageous enough to pursue their dreams. Initially, they were ridiculed and laughed at and they were revered later.

5. Make Plans

It is so important to make plans to achieve your goals. You have to plan systematically, smaller goals first, and then move on to the slightly bigger things. And you can then move onto your biggest goal.

Your plans should be systematic i.e. take one step at a time. Don't try to do all things at once, great accomplishments take time. Have patience and begin with accomplishing smaller goals and then move onto the bigger goals.

6. Be Consistent

The magic lies in consistency. When you work consistently on your goal for a sustained period of time, you'll achieve greater success. Not many people are consistent, so it gives you an extra edge when you work hard consistently.

Extraordinary people don't waste their on unnecessary things. Instead, they work continuously to reach their targets.

7. Learn New Things

Extraordinary people learn new things everyday. No matter how small it is, but they learn something. They aren't satisfied unless they learn new things. You might want to learn some new skill, you might want to learn computer programming, novel writing or you might want to learn to play piano. At least, you should read something everyday. This is a good habit that will give you good returns in the longer run.

8. Be in Good Shape

Health is the wealth, they said. And it is absolutely true! You can't work on your dreams unless you're healthy. You don't need to speed too much to stay, just spending 30 minutes on yoga will be enough to keep you in good shape. Good health leads to increased productivity and you'll be energetic thoughout the day. Take care of yourself!

9. Go Extra Mile

What is the difference between ordinary and extraordinary? Extra, right? Ordinary can become extraordinary if they too do more than others. If the ordinary sleeps at 10PM, the extraordinary sleeps at 12 AM. If the ordinary works 12 hours a day, the extraordinary works 18 hours a day. There are so many other things too that the extraordinary does to achieve the target.

10. Review

Extraordinary people don't just work without thinking about the progress. They take a break and look at what they've done! It is so important to review what you've done and what you doing. This will allow you to adjust your pace and make necessary changes.

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