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How to Rise Again When Life Knocks You Down

15 August, 2017

Rise Up
We all go through tough times in our life. You might be having tough time in your job, your startup journey may not be going the way you wanted or you might be facing some difficulties in your personal life. All these things do happen in everybody's life. And it's normal to feel blue when you're knocked down. Things look gloomy. You can't see the positivities around you. It's not that the positvity isn't there. It is the feeling of disappointment that doesn't let you see the good things taking place around you.

"Problems seem gigantic when they approach near but once you are done facing the problems, you realize they were aren't as big as you thought."

1. Tough Time - Growth Time

Know that one must face tough times to grow, to get stronger and to succeed in life. It is during the hard times when you to learn to cope with unfavourable situations, it develops you mentally and you'll be better at facing tough times in future. You'll learn to handle the situations against all odds.

2. Stop Exaggerating Your Problems

Usually, things aren't as bad as they seem, at times we just exaggerate them. You have to focus on the positives. When you look at the positives, you see hope and when you have hope, you have everything. Hope is the most powerful weapon to conquer disappointment.

3. Focus on Solutions

If you stay lying on your face on the floor, nothing is going to get better itself. Will your problems vanish by being sad? No. sadness is not going to change the situations, you've got to work to change the situations. Consistent hard work can turn sorrow into happiness, failure into success.

4. Retaliate

When life knocks you down, retaliate. Rise up again and hit back. You're not meant to be lying with your face on the floor. You're born to fly! Get back up and start running towards your dream. Anyone can give up when going gets tough but it is the strong-minded person who continues to hustle through the hard times.

5. Accept the Change

Change is the only constant, they said. And you must accept the change, you can't leverage your life until you accept the change. Yes! It's going to be tough. It will be uncomfortable. Going back to you comfort zone might seem a reasonable option. But remember, magic happens outside the comfort zone. There are only a few who are ready to get outside of their comfort zones and those are the people who achieve extra-ordinary success in their lives. If success was possible in comfort zone, everybody would have been achieving extra-ordinary success. But things don't happen this way. You have to do what the ordinary fears, get out of your comfort zone.

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