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Brain की क्षमता को कैसे बढ़ाएं

How to Increase Your Brain Power : 20 Simple and Easy Methods

22 July, 2017

How to Increase Your Brain Power
At some point of time in our life, we all feel that things would have been better if we had a sharper brain. Having a sharper brain can improve your life significantly, you'll be quick at decision making, you'll remember things better and you can solve your problems very fast and there are so many other things that you can do efficiently. The capabilities of your brain are limitless, you'll benefit immensely once you tap into your full potential. Here are a few simple steps to unlock the hidden potential of your brain.

1. Learn Something New

Trying your hands at something you've never done before prompts the brain to be more active and it significantly increases your learning potential over time. Your brain becomes more active and you'll learn better. You can learn a new skill if you just devote some time, you can learn programming, you can learn a new language or you can learn to cook etc.

2. Challenge Yourself

It is so impotant to get out of your comfort zone to expand your brain power. By doing the same old things everyday, your brain won't make any improvement. Your brain works on auto-pilot mode when you do the things you've always been doing. You need to get out of your comfort zone, so when you're in relatively unknown and uncomfortabe situation, your brain will try to adapt itself.

3. Exercise Daily

Physical exercise can boost your brain power significanlty. Physical exercise makes you more active and it improves blood circulation in your body.

4. Yoga and Meditation

There are some really good breathing exercise(pranayama) in yoga, those breathing exercise are really good for your brain. Increase oxygen flow means better functioning of the brain. Meditation is a part of yoga, it is very helpful in relieving stress. Meditation calms you down, it clears your mind, it is very refreshing. The all you have to do is get 30 minutes every day for yoga and meditation, it will benefit you immensely in the long run.

5. Do Mental Math

Why use a calculator when you can do all the calculations in your head. Maths may not be your favorite subject, but it can significantly improve brain power. It will be difficult in the beginning, but once you've practised enough, you'll be able to do big calculations very fast. The purpose of doing mental math is the use your brain actively. The more active your brain is, the better it functions.

6. Write

Writing will benefit you in many ways, it will allow you to hone your writing skills and it will increase your analytical aability. It seems eas but trust me, it isn't. You need to structure your topic before and then write in detail and then edit it. You have to analyse it again and again to see if you're doing it right.

7. Say No to Sugar

Consumption of sugar makes your brain sluggish. Insulin is released by your body to into the bloodstream to counteract the sugar.

8. Read

Read. Read every single day. I'm not asking you to read an entire book in a day. Just read a few pages of a book everyday. It will increase your comprehension skills and you'll useful knowledge.

9. Get Enough Sleep

Sleep allows your brain to re-organiz itself. You should get atleast 7-8 hour sleep each day, it will recharge your brain. And your brain will be ready to work at optimum capacity the next day.

10. Solve Puzzles

Solve online puzzles or sudoku to keep your brain active.

11. Eat Brain Food

Your brain uses 20% of the total energy and oxygen. So, you have to make sure that you feed it the right stuff to make it work efficiently. Drink atleast 7-8 glasses of pure water to stay hydrated. Add green leafy vegetables, whole grains, nuts, seeds and berries etc. in your diet.

12. Laugh

Laugh out loud! It is one of the best ways to relieve stress. Laughter makes you feel good and allows your brain to function freely.

13. Avoid Stress

Stress slows your brain down. Your brain is working all the time, doing so many complicated tasks. Stres is one of the major reasons behind memory loss.

14. Play Brain Games

Brains games are a great way to keep your brain engaged in useful activities. These activities will keep your brain agile.

15. Be More Creative

Doing creative things stimulates your brain. You can draw, paint or create some designs etc. Thinking creatively requires your brain to think actively.

16. Memorize Effectively

Memorizing things is such an important task performed by brain. Try to memorize things, you can make connections between things to remember them easily. Try to make funny and imaginary connections, these things stay in your mind for long.

17. Music

Music is also a good stress-buster. Listen to your favorite songs, it will make you feel good. And once you feel good, you perform better.s

18. Brainstorming

Brainstorming is a creativity technique, it is used to make decision after going through a list of creative ideas.

19. Turn Off Your TV

TV wastes your 100s of hours every year. Just imagine what you could in 100s of hours, you could learn a new skills, read some books and so on. Also, watching TV doesn't involve using your brain actively. You are just saving the info what is being shown on the TV.

20. Go for a Walk

You can go for a gentle walk to breathe in the open. These walks are not just good for your body but also for your brain. You'll have increase oxygen flow to your. Especially morning walks are very useful to get fresh oxygen.

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