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How to Quit Your Job and Start Own Business

13 August, 2017

I hate my job
This post is based on my personal experience. I always wanted to start my own business and be my own boss(everybody dreams of that). I had those fancy dreams of being the CEO of my own company when was in college. I started working on my first startup in the college days, apparently it suck a lot of time and I hardly got anything in return. It's OK! Only a handful of people make it right in the very first attempt, most of the people have to work harder to establish themselves(just like me).

My first venture was a dot com venture, so I didn't spend much on that(nor had I much $). I coded the website myself(I learnt web designing from many a good bloggers online), it took me quite some time to design the website as I had no prior professional programming experience. I got a few thousand pageviews in almost 2 years. Of course, there were many mistakes I did which I realized later on. I was frustrated at the end of my college, I was expected to make 1000s of dollars from the website but it even failed to get me a $100 cheque. It was a shame! I had finished my college and still I hadn't made anything worthy from the website. I was really desperate about making money. Probably, it was my desperation that didn't allow me to work on perfecting my writing skills, I just wanted to make money, a lot of money. After my college was over, I had no work for 7-8 months, I hardly created content for my website. Things got worse when I didn't have enough to pay to web hosting expenses. However, I borrowed a few hundred bucks from a friend of mine and managed to keep the website alive. This event triggered me to have a consistent source of income so that I can atleast fulfill my needs with my own money. I decided to find a job. I found a data entry operator job in my city, they weren't willing to pay much, but I was desperate to make money so I agreed to work for a few hundred bucks per month.

I'm a pretty reserved person and I'm not good at making friends. I had a tough time dealing with the colleagues but as the time passed things got bit easier. But doing the job was the worst thing I could imagine, I hated being someone's subordinate and I'm not habitual of following someone else's order. But I had to all that! I was an employee afterall. When I started working in that company, I had no idea about how to adapt myself into that environment. There was nothing wrong with the company but I just didn't like being there, I wasn't meant to be there. It was very difficult, I had problems in adapting myself into that environment. How can a bird be happy in a cage? It is born to fly, right?

I can't be looking at the computer screen all day long! I love doing the things the way I want. I usually don't work all day long I work in small patches(e.g. 3 hours in the morning) and I take a break after every 2-3 hours. I roam around here and there thinking about stupid or weird things, I drink tea/coffee and that's how I feel good and I'm ready to get back to my work again. But it wasn't the case there, I just had to sit there for the entire day. It was a boring job and gradually I was getting sick of it. I decided to quit the job after 3 months, I was done with that job. I realized I had re-organize myself, and my life. Had I worked on my website for 7-8 months, I would have been making a decent sum by now. Such thoughts filled me with positivity and I finally decided to quit the job I hated as hell. Even if I make less than the data-entry operator job, I'm happy. Because there is satisfaction in doing what you really love. Money can't give you satisfaction, it comes from within.

Do what you love! There is one thing that won't allow you to fail, your love for your work. Your love, your passion for your work pumps you up to work harder to achieve your goals and that's how you succeed. And trust me, money is NOT the most important thing to start a business, it it dedication and passion. So my point is, you don't need a million dollar to start a business. Start with what you have! Start small, if it is good, it will grow. Or you'll find ways to make it better. You should start small and then slowly grow your company into a big one.

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