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जानिए श्रीनिवास तमाडा किस तरह अपनी वेबसाईट से प्रति माह 5 लाख रूपये कमा रहे हैं

Learn How Srinivas Tamada is Making Rs. 5 Lakh Each Month

24 July, 2017

Srinivas Tamada
Blogging has recently become a very lucrative profession, it has increased significantly in the last few years. There are so many successful bloggers in India , who are making lakhs of rupees every month. Srinivas Tamada is one of them, he is currently making approximately Rs. 5 lakh per month.
Srinivas Tamada is the founder of , it is a leading programming blog. offers very useful programming tutorials. has many tutorials in JavaScript, PHP, HTML, Angular, React, jQuery and social networking scripts.

1. Find Your Niche

You can become a successful blogger if you find your niche. This what exactly Srinivas Tamada did. He created a programming blog and he knew a great deal about programming beforehand. Also make sure that your niche has good scope i.e. there are enough readers for what you are writing.

Nowadays, there are so many categories you can write in. You can write about fashion, entrepreneurship, health, computer programming and web design, automobile, news and so on. People now search online whatever they come across, so there is no derth of scope in any category. But, don't get just carried away by lucrative categories, make sure you have good knowledge about what you are writing. You don't know, you should learn about it first. Only then, you'll be able to put forth great content for the readers.

2. Keep Learning

You are never too old to learn something new. There are so many things we don't know or we don't have no idea about them. And the world is ever-changing, what you now might get obsolete within a month or so. There is always something happening. Learning new things will keep you up-to-date and you'll have vast knowledge. Things change very fast in the tech world, you have to keep an eye on new technologies so that you can share the latest info with your readers.

3. Write Great Content

Content is the king! There is no alternative to great content. Content is the soul of your blog. People visit your blog to read your content. Make sure your content is incredibly good so that people visit the blog again and again, and they should be prompted to share it with their friends on social networks. You've to create great content to become a successful blogger. Content is No.1 thing readers are looking for, it should add value to their life. They should benefit from your blog posts.

Srinivas Tamada has written 100s of incredibly great articles on programming and web design, and probably this is one of the major reasons why his blog is is so popular and making big money. He uses an easy-to-understand language so that his readers can understand the programming concepts with ease and minimal effort.

4. Keep Things Simple

Srinivas has kept the design of very simple and clean, it doesn't look messy at all. Simple blog design is a great way to engage readers on your blog, people should find it easy to browse your blog. Srinivas Tamada uses simple language to convey complicated programming concepts, he makes it very easy for newbies to understand the programming concepts.

5. Monetize It Smartly

After working so hard on creating great content, make sure you monetize it smartly. Usually, bloggers don't make much from AdSense, you should use affiliate programs to make more money from your blog.

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