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दुनिया के 10 सबसे युवा Self Made Billionaires

World's Top 10 Youngest Self-Made Billionaires Ever

24 July, 2017

Billionaires are the modern day kings! They've got lavish life-style, they've palace like homes, private islans, private jets and insanely expensive cars and what not. It takes years of hard work to reach that level. But there are some certain people who've made it big in a very young age. These guys didn't inherit any huge sum from their parents, instead, they started their own business with little money and now they're billionaires. Most of these self-made billionaires turned their out-of-the-box ideas into money making machine. Here is a list of world's 10 youngest self-made billionaires.

1. Mark Zuckerberg

Mark Zuckerberg
Net Worth - $63.7 Billion

Mark Zuckerberg is the founder of the social networking giant Facebook. As of July, 2017, Mark Zuckerberg is the fifth richest person in the world. Mark Zuckerberg became a millionaire at the age of 22. After the launch of Facebook's IPO, Mark Zuckerberg became world's youngest billionaire ever at the age of 23! Ever since, he as been making billions of dollars every year, and his net worth is ever-increasing, now he is the 5th richest person on earth at the age of 33.

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2. Dustin Moskovitz

Dustin Moskovitz
Net Worth - $12.7 Billion
Dustin Moskovitz co-founded Facebook with Mark Zuckerberg, Eduardo Saverin, Andrew McCollum and Chris Hughes. He became world's youngest billionaire ever in 2011 on the basis of his 2.34% shares in Facebook. Dustin Moskovitz left Facebook in 2008 and founded his own company Asana. Asana is a software designed to help teams track their work.

3. Eduardo Saverin

Eduardo Saverin
Net Worth - $8.7 Billion
Another Facebook co-founder who made a billions from his Facebook. He owns a very small part of Facebook shares, he owns 0.4% of Facebook shares, but he has a net worth of $8.7 billion. Now, he invests in new startups, he has invested in Qwiki and Jumio.

4. Evan Spiegel

Evan Spiegel
Net Worth - $3.3 Billion
Evan Spiegel is the founder of SnapChat. SnapChat is an image messaging and multimedia mobile application. SnapChat became popular very fast because of its new and unique features like filters, snaps, live stories and geo-stickers etc.

5. Bobby Murphy

Bobby Murphy
Net Worth - $3.3 Billion
Bobby Murphy is the co-founder of SnapChat. He became the second youngest billionaire in 2015. Snap Inc. went public in March 2017, company's market cap reached $35 billion within two days of the IPO.

6. Nathan Blecharczyk

Nathan Blecharczyk
Net Worth - $3.8 Billion
Nathan Blecharczyk is one of the co-founders of Airbnb, he was the first Chief Technology Officer(CTO) of the company. Airbnb is an online marketplace and hospitality service. It allows you to lease or rent short-term lodging including vacation rentals, apartment rentals, homestays, hostel beds or hotel rooms.

7. Elizabeth Holmes

Elizabeth Holmes
Net Worth - $4.5 Billion
Elizabeth Holmes is the founder of Theranos. Theraos is a health technology company, it is known for its marketing its efforts to create blood tests that used very small sample volume technology.

8. Ryan Graves

Ryan Graves
Net Worth - $1.5 Billion
Ryan Graves was the first employee hired by Uber. Uber offer smartphone-booked taxi service. He has served as CEO of the company and now he is number 2 in the company.

9. Wang Yue

Wang Yue
Net Worth - $1.1 Billion
Wang Yue became a billionaire by developing online games. He is the CEO of online games company, Shanghai Kingnet Technology.

10. Drew Houston

Dew Houston
Net Worth - $1.08 Billion
Drew Houston is the founder of Dropbox. Dropbox is an online backup and storage service(cloud storage).

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